House Hacks

    Imagine if you could own a home and have other people pay your mortgage. With a House Hack, you can.

    House Hacking is the idea of purchasing a multi-unit property and living in one room while renting out the other room(s) for additional income to help cover the cost of owning a home. It is simply a crossover between owning an investment property and a personal residence.

    House Hacking is great for anyone who is willing to live with other individuals, but even more ideal for individuals who are going to choose to live with roommates or friends before, during, or after college anyways.

    Instead of paying rent to some other landlord, you could be making enough rent from your roommates to cover the cost of your mortgage and then some. Think about it!

    The Blue Key Team has helped 20+ clients successfully navigate their first House Hack (which often doubled as the purchase of their first home altogether!) We have the answers to your questions and can help put your doubts about this homeowner strategy at ease.

    We are one of the few real estate teams who have in-depth expertise with this strategy and we’re ready to breakdown numbers, share tools, templates, examples, advice, and more with you for free. 

    So, when you’re ready to create wealth and learn more about House Hacking, let us know by sending an email titled “Tell me more about House Hacks!” to OR drop us a message on the Contact Us page above.